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The jungle bird, first created at Malaysia’s Aviary bar in the 1970s, is a refreshing tropical rum beverage combining fruit juices with bitter liqueurs to produce an easy sipper perfect for tiki-themed bars.

Make this drink even more flavorful by choosing Jamaican or blackstrap rum for its rich and distinct aroma.


The Jungle Bird is a tropical rum drink with an unexpected bitter kick. Campari provides the necessary balance, offsetting sweet pineapple juice and dark rum to create an enjoyable beverage that became instantly popular when first created at Kuala Lumpur Hilton’s Aviary Bar during its creation in the early ’70s.

Jungle Bird recipes typically call for dark rum, though specifics vary by recipe. Some adhere strictly to The New American Bartender’s Guide’s original formula from 1989, which calls for dark rum and dark sugar; others opt for a more modern approach utilizing blackstrap rum; Fanny Chu, who created the Jungle Bird for now-defunct Brooklyn bar Donna, used a funky Jamaican spirit which she described as having banana-like notes as well as lemon Hart Blackpool Spiced rum for added dessertlike flavors as contrast between dark rums.

Other bartenders like to use one dark or light rum in their Jungle Bird cocktail; Cruzan Black Strap, Goslings Black Seal or Bacardi Dark are popular choices. Whatever rum you choose, be sure to select high proof rums, experiment with how much ice should go into your shaker to minimize dilution, or add an ice cube or ball for texture purposes to maintain cold temperatures while adding interest to the drink.

The Jungle Bird cocktail is often garnished with fresh pineapple wedges or lime wheels for decoration, while maraschino cherries may also make an appearance.


The Jungle Bird is a refreshing tiki drink that blends tropical flavors with Campari, an Italian bitter known for its use in cocktails like the Negroni. Just a pinch can go a long way when used here to balance out sweet and fruity rum’s sweet tartiness.

Red Italian liqueur known for its herbal, ultra bitter flavor is an iconic component of classic cocktails, adding depth and character. Although its powerful presence may overpower other elements in a cocktail, its use must be done sparingly so as not to overshadow others within it.

Campari’s recipe remains closely guarded; however, its components include orange peel, rhubarb and cascarilla bark. Originally its distinctive red hue came from carmine dye made from cochineal insect scales; however since 2006 due to pressure from vegetarians and food labeling regulations it has been replaced with artificial red dye.

This drink should be served on the rocks and decorated with a wedge of lime, two or three pineapple fronds arranged so they resemble the tail of a jungle bird and a long stick of celery. Campari may be substituted with another bitter-style liqueur such as Cappelletti Apertivo or Contratto for similar flavors; for a more refined appearance double strain into an overfilled glass for best results.

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Pineapple, more commonly referred to in other countries as ananas, is a tropical fruit with leathery skin and spikey leaves that serves as a symbol of hospitality and is frequently used as garnish on cocktails or pizza. Pineapples are beloved tropical fruits, beloved as ingredients in martinis and tropical drinks alike for their distinct shape and delicious sweetness. Furthermore, pineapples contain high amounts of dietary fiber as well as offering numerous other health benefits. Pineapples are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin C, making them an important dietary addition. Pineapple became a cultural icon upon Christopher Columbus’ discovery of it in the Caribbean; due to its difficulty of transportation from there into Europe it quickly became a status symbol of wealth and luxury. Since then, pineapple has become an integral part of modern diets with commercial farms growing them on an unprecedented scale for decades.

The Jungle Bird is an intriguing Tiki drink with an intriguing combination: Campari is an Italian bitter that pairs beautifully with both rum and pineapple for an irresistibly refreshing cocktail that has won wide support across cocktail bars worldwide and Tiki bar menus alike.

To make the drink, combine rum and Campari in a shaker over ice. Next, add fresh lime juice and an rich simple syrup (2 parts sugar to 1 part water). You may choose plain white sugar; demerara syrup combines raw cane sugar with water in equal parts for optimal flavor depth. Top this mixture off with one large ice cube before straining into an old-fashioned glass; garnish it with pineapple wedges and leaves impaling onto its rim to resemble jungle birds as decorations.


While most tiki drinks tend to be overly sweet, this classic recipe combines tart pineapple and lime juice with dark rum and Campari for an irresistibly refreshing tropical cocktail that’s ideal for summertime sipping. Enjoy it whether cutting back on alcohol consumption or enjoying sweet cocktails.

The Jungle Bird first made an appearance in recipe books back in 1989, but didn’t gain widespread fame until Jeff “Beachbum” Berry mentioned it in his 2002 book, Intoxica. Beachbum’s original recipe called for Campari as an aperitif to balance out an abundance of pineapple juice that might otherwise overwhelm any rum. While Beachbum originally suggested white rum as his base spirit choice for his Jungle Bird drink, many bartenders now opt for darker Jamaican varieties such as Cruzan Black Strap for better flavors!

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A classic pineapple cooler should be shaken and strained over fresh ice, or, to avoid diluting its taste too much, crushed ice can also be used. An electric juicer or muddler are both effective tools for extracting pineapple juice; when mashing up pineapple slices to release their liquid content. When serving this drink it’s best served chilled with plenty of ice cubes; additionally it may be garnished with an aromatic pineapple leaf for an eye-catching presentation.

Simple Syrup

No matter whether you are crafting drinks at home for friends or selling drinks behind a bar, simple syrup will likely play a prominent role. Its popularity stems from its ease of preparation and neutral flavor that can easily be tweaked. To alter its profile further, simply replace plain granulated sugar with another type of sweetener such as brown sugar simple syrup, honey simple syrup or maple simple syrup for a unique touch!

Fanny Chu’s Jungle Bird recipe contains three quarters of an ounce of Campari for bitterness, which pairs nicely with tropical rums and pineapple juice. She calls for half an ounce of rich demerara syrup for depth of dark sugar note. Finally, Fanny recommends shaking this cocktail using either a 2-inch square mold or an ice ball to ensure maximum cooling effect while minimizing dilution.

As with any shaken or stirred drink, the Jungle Bird requires straining over a large piece of ice for best results. A squeeze of lime juice and dusting of cinnamon powder complete the drink for your enjoyment! Unlike many tiki drinks, which often use multiple types of rum as ingredients, creating this classic drink at home should be fairly straightforward.


The Jungle Bird cocktail is an intriguing tropical drink created in Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Hilton’s Aviary Bar during the 1970s, taking its name from their aviary that housed exotic birds. Though popular locally, it took some time before its popularity spread beyond Malaysia’s shores; although first recorded in a bartending book as early as 1989; but once repopularized by Jeff “Beachbum” Berry it enjoyed widespread recognition.

Recipe calls for rum, pineapple juice and Campari for this drink, with pineapple adding sweetness while Campari provides bitterness – making this drink more complex than typical Tiki cocktails but easier than many to create – making it perfect for newcomers to the Tiki movement.

Combine all ingredients in a shaker filled with crushed or cubed ice and shake until well mixed. Strain into a rocks glass or short tiki mug over large ice cubes for serving, garnished with pineapple wedge, lime wheel or maraschino cherry (optional). You could also garnish your cocktail with pineapple leaves!