The Bird in Hand, Or Bird for Short, is a Favorite Community Pub in Fforest, PA

bird in hand fforest

The Bird in Hand (the “Bird”) is an iconic community pub in Fforest that has hosted wedding receptions, wakes and christening parties as well as New Year’s Day parties for years. Additionally, they host fundraising events for Latch and Cancer Research UK that bring in local patrons for drinks or fundraising events.

Legend holds that the village received its name when two surveyors stopped at a crude log tavern along Colonial highway and were advised that having “one bird in hand is worth two in the bush”.

Amish attractions

At Abe’s Buggy Rides, tours of local farmland and countryside are offered through buggy rides to give visitors an up-close glimpse of Amish life. Experienced guides provide informative tours as they answer any of your questions; allow enough time for exploring horse barns, shopping for Amish crafts and lunching before or after your ride!

At Bird in Hand Village in Lancaster County’s Amish Country lies an idyllic retreat. Here, visitors can shop farmers markets and tour Amish homes, one-room schoolhouses and covered bridges before sampling traditional Amish foods such as homemade whoopie pies and shoofly pie from traditional Amish kitchens. If feeling adventurous book a hot air balloon ride over Lancaster County for an unforgettable experience!

Visit Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum (2451 Kissel Hill Rd., 14 miles east of Mount Joy) to gain more insight into Amish life from 1780-1900s. Over two dozen historic buildings depict daily Amish life from middle 1700s until early 1900s; you’ll also see an 1890s Amish schoolhouse, country store, blacksmith at work as well as their famed covered Conestoga wagon for transporting immense loads.

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After exploring, it’s likely you will become hungry. Luckily, Bird-in-Hand boasts numerous amazing restaurants. For sweet tooths looking for treats try the Green Dragon Bakery (Bird-in-Hand Ave.). This popular establishment sells cakes, cookies, pies, baklava and other sweet goodies alongside Amish-made candies, jams, jellies and fruit spreads from nearby Amish communities.


As you explore Bird in Hand, your appetite may increase quickly. Luckily, the area has numerous dining options to meet any taste imaginable – whether that means all-you-can-eat dining or freshly made dessert, Bird in Hand has something to satisfy everyone. Try the Bird in Hand Family Restaurant & Smorgasbord which specializes in traditional PA Dutch fare like pork with sauerkraut and roast turkey served up with gravy as well as ham balls with pineapple sauce!

As you play bird cards from your hand, take note of its habitat and food requirements as well as egg cost (if applicable). Habitat information can be found in the upper left-hand corner, while food requirements appear in the lower right-hand corner. If a card features a wild icon you may exchange any two food tokens from close by your player mat or caching birds for that particular bird – these must come directly from them or the cache instead of your supply!

Bird in Hand Pub offers an ideal spot for quick bites or beverages, and their friendly staff is always happy to assist with whatever you may need. Their menu boasts drinks and appetizers from all corners of the globe; there’s also plenty of space available so you can take your time enjoying your meal.

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No matter your shopping needs – furniture, candles and home decor items, authentic Amish artwork or gifts for loved ones – Bird-in-Hand Artisan Village has something to meet them! Plus there’s Meet the Maker days where shoppers can connect directly with artisans while watching them work their craft!

Shoppers can find homemade shoofly pie, whooie pies, apple dumplings and sticky buns in the bake shop; or enjoy delicious savory pork sandwiches while exploring the aisles. In addition, the market sells fresh meats and cheeses as well as bulk foods and spices such as flavored popcorn made locally made chips Amish-style soft pretzels old-fashioned toys doll clothing quality leather goods as well as locally themed souvenirs.