The Bird in Hand Forest Amish Pub

The Bird in Hand offers a welcoming, enjoyable atmosphere and great value drinks throughout the week – perfect for quick drinks with friends or for longer stay to reconnect and unwind.

Bird in Hand (FFOREST) LIMITED is a Private Limited Company with its Registered office at Carmarthen Road, Fforest SA4 0TU.

Amish Attractions

As one of Amish Country’s most visited towns, Bird in Hand offers plenty to see and do for visitors of all kinds. From shopping and touring to buggy rides and buggy rental services, Bird in Hand offers something to everyone. Additionally, transit services such as buses and taxis make getting around easy for visitors – whatever their destination might be!

Buggy rides offer visitors a great way to experience Amish culture. A number of local businesses provide these tours, giving visitors a close-up look at Amish life with stops at horse barns, one-room schoolhouses and covered bridges along the route. Some companies even provide lunching before or after your tour!

Kitchen Kettle Village offers another excellent opportunity to gain more insight into Amish life. This historic village consists of over two dozen structures that illustrate daily Amish life from the 1700s to 1900s; guests can visit barns, schoolhouses and blacksmith shops while also learning more about farming and crafting techniques used by these individuals.

After touring Bird in Hand, you are likely going to become hungry. Luckily, Bird in Hand offers plenty of amazing restaurants for visitors. Green Dragon Bakery is a favorite among visitors as they offer homemade cakes, cookies, pies and baklava along with jams, jellies and fruit spreads from nearby Amish communities.

Dutch Haven Market and Deli is another top dining option in Bird in Hand, situated in the center of Amish Country and serving delicious traditional Amish fare such as shoofly pie and whoopie pie. Additionally, visitors will discover various tempting treats like apple dumplings and delicious pork sandwiches here.

Bird in Hand’s Amish Experience Theater is another must-visit attraction. This interactive museum features multiple projection screens, three-dimensional sets and special effects to give visitors an entertaining and educational experience of Amish culture and tradition dating back 400 years. Perfect for family trips and friends gatherings alike!

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A train ride on the Strasburg Rail Road in Ronks can provide an intimate romantic experience, perfect for cuddling close with someone special while seeing Amish Country up close and personal. Plus, train robbery reenactments offer an extra dose of Western thrills while taking in breathtaking countryside scenes!

Buggy Rides

Bird-in-Hand offers visitors a unique glimpse into Amish life through Aaron and Jessica’s Amish Buggy Rides in Bird-in-Hand village. Hop aboard a buggy with Aaron and Jessica’s Amish Buggy Rides for an interactive experience, learning all about Amish beliefs and customs while touring their farms, one-room schoolhouses and shops along the route.

No matter the season, Bird-in-Hand offers plenty of outdoor activities all year long. Situated among Lancaster County’s expansive lands, there’s always plenty of space for exploring in this town. Additionally, outdoor enthusiasts may wish to visit Refreshing Mountain Adventure and Retreat Center located 30 minutes north of Bird-in-Hand where families can zipline through multiple trails of forest canopy.

Families looking for more structure may enjoy visiting Bird in Hand Pub, an authentic country pub with traditional juke box, quiz machine and fruit machine. Offering thirst-quenching drinks and food including steak to pasta to homemade carvery; children will especially love the homemade pies available here; adults can indulge in 120 varieties of loose tea from around the globe; for a sweet treat after lunch consider Miller’s Smorgasbord in Ronks, about 10 minutes drive southwest from Ronks village.


Bird-in-Hand Village Shopping Center features an assortment of locally handmade crafts and food, ranging from quilts and homemade soap to dried silk flower arrangements, doll clothing and quality leather goods. In addition, there is also an impressive array of unique souvenirs and gifts suitable for giving.

Shoppers can purchase handcrafted pottery, jewelry, wood carvings and baskets made by local artists; as well as T-shirts, homemade candy, bulk food products like spices or coffee; the shopping center provides year-round climate controlled shopping environment.

Village also houses antique stores and a full-service pharmacy; post office; gas station; and full-service diner are available here as well.

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Legend holds that Bird-in-Hand got its name due to two road surveyors debating whether or not to stay at the Bird-in-Hand Inn overnight and one said “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” leading them to name their town after this phrase. That pub still bears that name today, making it a popular stop among both tourists and locals for drinks while enjoying live music or playing shuffleboard.


By the time you finish exploring Bird in Hand Forest, your appetite is sure to have grown. Luckily, Bird in Hand Forest provides numerous dining options. Family Restaurant & Smorgasbord serves Pennsylvania Dutch classics such as pork with sauerkraut and gravy on mashed potatoes as well as their signature ham balls and pineapple sauce – an all you can eat experience. Or try Bird in Hand Bakery & Cafe’s homemade shoofly pie, whooie pie cake cookies or Amish soft pretzels made fresh each day!

As you eat, food tokens will accumulate that can be spent to play birds on the Forest board and activate brown powers that make scoring points more challenging for opponents.

When it’s your turn, select a bird card from your hand and place an action cube on the “draw cards” row to take that bird’s actions. Draw as indicated in its upper-left corner; additionally if its brown power can be activated separately from any other powers on its card.

Food acceleration can be very useful when starting off without many birds in hand, though remembering to spend the card in order to play more birds and score more points is paramount. Although food acceleration is activated when playing the card, its availability does not occur until later when you use that same card to play more birds and score points on subsequent turns.

Therefore, to maximize points you should try limiting how many food acceleration birds you have at any one time and spend them more easily over the course of subsequent turns. As an alternative, food tokens cached on bird cards may also help. But this must happen prior to starting each turn on your player mat!