Searchable birding directory now available


I’m happy to announce that our website has a new directory of birding tour providers! These are businesses and non-profit organizations that offer bird watching tours to the public. Several of them conduct tours around the world while many others focus on a single region or nation, a few states or other limited geographical areas.

The guide is organized alphabetically and includes 200 tour providers. For each, we list their headquarters, locations they go to, and a link to their website. And we offer three ways to search for travel providers:

– You can click on the letters at the top of the page and scroll through the lists of organizations by the first letters of their names.

– You can select a location from the top left drop-down menu and click “Search” to produce a list of providers that offer tours at that location.

– Or you can type keywords in the search field to find travel providers.

Please note: More than 30 of the providers in this directory offer trips to birding sites around the world. In the ‘Select a location’ drop-down menu, we’ve tagged them with the word ‘Global’, so use that search term to find businesses with a wide range of locations.

We published a similar print version of this directory in our November/December 2019 issue, and subsequently received half a dozen reader suggestions that other organizations might add. Many thanks to readers who reached out! If you know of a business or non-profit organization that offers birding tours but is not listed in our directory, or if you find an error in the information, please let us know at [email protected].

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We hope you find the directory useful and that it leads you to great birding spots and memorable bird sightings!