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Jungle Bird may no longer reside at Hilton Kuala Lumpur, but its popularity continues to soar. Inspired by new ideas applied to traditional recipes, this tiki bar continues to soar high.

Opening in 2017, this rum-focused lounge exudes tiki through rattan furniture, rainforest wallpaper and fake greenery. Expect a menu which takes into account local tastes such as Closed on Mondays (RM35; Diplomatico Mantuano with Campari and pineapple juice).


Jungle Bird is Malaysia’s national cocktail, an original creation from Aviary Bar at Kuala Lumpur Hilton dating back to 1973. Now renowned for its Tiki-inspired interiors and its groundbreaking menu that blends classic cocktails, nostalgic tiki drinks and irreverent locally tailored concoctions – Jungle Bird remains an international phenomenon!

Jungle Bird offers lush leafy wallpaper, bamboo accents and rattan armchairs to create an exotic tropical atmosphere, but its extensive back bar sets itself apart as an authentic temple dedicated to rum with over 100 varieties available for tasting.

Bar Kudeta offers creative takes on classics such as Aviation and Pina Colada cocktails, making this venue a delight for anyone seeking drinks with Malaysian flavor. Pilot’s Getaway is a delightful rum-based take on Aviation with pineapple and coconut flavors added, while Nyonya Business and Cendol Colada both draw inspiration from Penang favorite drinks with additional kaffir lime leaves or palm sugar syrup respectively.

Original recipes called for Jamaican rum; modern bartenders often prefer darker blackstrap rum to enhance its depth of flavor and sip complexity. Furthermore, pineapple juice was reduced from four ounces to two and a half for more complex sipping while still maintaining the cocktail’s original tall form.

With an eye toward tiki bar traditions, the menu showcases classic and obscure cocktails from countries around the world that produce rum. Jamaica-themed Funk ‘N’ Jerk (Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva and Tiki Lovers OP Rum, Oloroso Sherry, Jerk Spiced Jerk Sauce with black walnut bitters) pays homage to Jamaica while Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum with Roasted Corn, Lime Oleo Saccarum Oil and Clove is inspired by Corn & Oil from Barbados.

Jason, the bartender at Jungle Bird, informed me that Muhammad Ali used to travel with a personal butler during his tours across America, so it is possible he may have had something named after him at one point here – however Jason emphatically states he does not believe this particular drink has any relation with Ali himself who prefers an orange juice beverage instead.


Jungle Bird has steadily advanced from being #35 of Asia’s Best Bars to become a tropical oasis, featuring bamboo-led styling complimented by natural lighting, an all-day lounge seating area, all-day dining featuring Caribbean dishes such as the Cubano sandwich. Each element provides its own distinctive taste: pickles, mustard and Swiss cheese add tart acidic notes while pork ham and salami provide saltiness; herbaceous citrusy mojo pork creates herbaceous citrusy goodness while buttery bread completes its masterpiece!

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Junglebird applies this philosophy to its cocktails as well, offering popular classics with exciting twists like their Jungle Bird (Diplomatico Mantuano rum, Campari, lime juice and pineapple juice), one of their signature drinks. This drink features dark Jamaican rum that provides a deeper flavour profile balanced out by bitter Campari and fresh, sweet pineapple juice.

The menu also boasts several more obscure cocktails from different rum-producing nations that speak to its ethos – for instance the Funk ‘N’ Jerk (Diplomatico rum, oloroso sherry, jerk spiced meats and black walnut bitters) is an homage to Jamaica while Bridgetown Black Gold (Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum mixed with roasted corn, lime oleo saccarum and clove) pays homage to Barbados.

At this bar, visitors should not miss the cafe cubano experience – with traditional espresso brewed using an Italian cafetera moka coffee maker, allowing users to control its brewing process manually and creates distinctive espuma (foam) on top of each cup brewed. In addition, beers, ciders and wines from local organic suppliers are all offered allowing each to express itself fully as its intended flavor should.

Real Food

Jungle Bird stands out from other bars by providing an upscale cocktail experience centered around Malaysian culture and heritage. Its founders envisioned creating a place where people could relax with friends over drinks while feeling welcome, providing an array of drinks, snacks, desserts and beers/wines. Jungle Bird is the ideal spot to unwind after work or on days off!

Jungle Bird is a refreshing tiki cocktail that blends rum, Campari, and lime juice for an irresistibly refreshing summer treat! Garnished with pineapple wedge and maraschino cherry garnish and served in a tiki glass – its flavor a blend of bright citrus sweetness with an earthy bitter finish for a truly enjoyable sip! Perfectly refreshing summer drink that’s sure to beat the heat.

Jungle Bird stands out from the pack by using both white and dark rums in equal parts and offering lower alcohol strength than most tiki cocktails, along with lime juice and simple syrup for its refreshing mix of ingredients that’s shaken over ice before being served to you.

Although first published in the New American Bartender’s Guide, the Jungle Bird recipe has undergone many modifications over time. While its initial formulation called for generic dark rum, some bars prefer Jamaican or blackstrap rum due to its complex flavors. Modern versions also call for less pineapple juice compared to canned products; many bartenders opt for freshly squeezed pineapple juice instead.

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The bar has an easygoing tropical getaway style, complete with rattan furniture and beach-themed decor. There is an open lounge to relax in as well as banquette seating for groups as well as bar seats where all of the action occurs. In addition, they serve sambal asam merah and kunyit fried chicken which pairs perfectly with cocktails at this bar.

Jungle Bird KL is best-known for its fun cocktails, but also offers delectable food that’s both enjoyable and exciting to eat. Customers love its kunyit fried chicken which features perfectly spiced, succulent meat with crisp skin paired with the jungle bird KL’s famous sambal asam merah sauce which perfectly balances sweetness with heat.

Epic Cocktails

The Jungle Bird is a tropical rum cocktail with an intriguing flair, perfect for those seeking something a bit different from traditional tropical cocktails but who still crave their taste. Sweet yet with a slight bitter edge from Campari; combined with pineapple juice and puree combined with curry leaf for balance; also very simple to consume on its own or as part of a mixer cocktail mix-in!

Jungle bird was first invented during Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Hilton Aviary Bar during the early ’70s due to exotic birds kept in netted cages outside.

At hotels and resorts in Southeast Asia during the tiki cocktail era, this drink was an immensely popular selection. Made with dark rum, lime juice, pineapple juice, Campari and simple syrup – tropical ingredients make this cocktail both enjoyable and fruity in any setting!

John J. Poister first published the Jungle Bird cocktail recipe in New American Bartender’s Guide in 1989, then revived by famed tiki bartender Jeff Berry who included it in his book Intoxica published two years later. Since then, this timeless beverage is enjoyed around the globe!

One of the key ingredients when it comes to crafting this cocktail is using high quality dark rum with a label indicating its type and origin – for this cocktail we suggest the Duppy Share Aged Rum from Jamaica and Barbados as being an ideal candidate.

For optimal results, this cocktail should be shaken vigorously in a glass with large and thick ice. This helps prevent it from melting too quickly and diluting quickly – an essential step when creating this drink and may determine its flavor profile.

Drinks made with coconut liquor should also be served in a tiki mug, which has a wide mouth to hold the garnish.