Our 20 most popular Instagram photos of 2020

Our 20 most popular Instagram photos of 2020

As difficult as 2020 has been for millions, birdwatching has been a welcome distraction and, for many, a new passion to help us through the dark days. Bird photography is arguably more important today, to show the world the incredible diversity and beauty of birds, and we at Bird watching we are blessed to be able to feature amazing images on our social media pages every day, including our Instagram page. We found these photos in our Reader Galleries, a group of six galleries containing over 20,000 photos posted by birdwatchers.

Below are our 20 most popular photos of the day of 2020 – the ones that garnered more likes than all the others – along with their original Instagram captions. The list starts with our most liked image, a Gila woodpecker looking out of its cactus nest, and continues throughout the list. Appreciate!

Gila Woodpecker by Pamela Parker
Posted on December 11

After digging a hole in a cactus, Gila woodpeckers must wait several months before using it to let the internal pulp dry out. Pamela Parker spotted this one at the Water Ranch Waterfront Preserve in Gilbert, Arizona. Original gallery image

Pyrrhuloxia by Gary Hamilton
Posted on October 11

Gary Hamilton added this photo of a Pyrrhuloxia to our galleries about seven years ago. He spotted it in Texas. Original gallery image

Northern Cardinal by Gabriel Diaconu
Posted on December 25

Bird watching wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Northern Cardinal photo by Gabriel Diaconu. Original gallery image

Great Horned Owl by John Williams
Posted November 14

John Williams shared this portrait of a great horned owl in our galleries five years ago. He spotted it in Harriman Lake, Jefferson County, Colorado. Original gallery image

short-eared owl

Short-eared Owl by Greg Gard
Posted October 18

We shared this stunning image to celebrate October’s Global Bird Weekend. Greg Gard photographed this short-eared owl in flight in Orange County, New York, about three years ago. Original gallery image

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