Jungle Bird – KL’s First Rum Bar

Jungle Bird is KL’s inaugural rum bar. Drawing inspiration from an Aviary Bar cocktail created in the former Hilton Kuala Lumpur, its design honors all things tiki with palm-print wallpaper and bamboo accents.

Drinks at this bar tend to be either classics or innovative takes on existing recipes, with an emphasis on rum but also featuring beers and wines.

It’s a tiki bar

Jungle Bird is an iconic cocktail inspired by Malaysia’s lush rainforests and wildlife. Aptly named, its origin can be found at KL Hilton’s Aviary Bar which featured real jungle birds. Additionally, this drink was first documented in John J. Poister’s 1989 “New American Bartender’s Guide”.

This tropical drink combines dark rum, Campari, pineapple juice and simple syrup. The smooth taste of rum complements Campari’s hint of bitterness while pineapple and lime juices offer sweetness balance; finally simple syrup rounds out this rich drink and makes for an irresistibly delicious tropical beverage!

Jungle Bird may give the wrong impression, but it is indeed a tiki bar. Decorated with rattan furniture, bamboo accents, and rainforest-themed wallpaper; its atmosphere could easily transport you far from city life!

At The Rum Bar, rum is unsurprisingly a central focus. They stock over 100 varieties on their back bar and create creative cocktails such as “The Grass is Always Greener” with ingredients like rhum agricole, pandan leaves, calamansi citrus fruit juice and egg white – providing something new with every sip! In addition, there are multiple flights of rum to select from as well.

The bar offers an outstanding selection of beverages, and their staff is extremely knowledgeable if you need help choosing what to drink or order. There’s also an impressive list of food items, making this an excellent place to relax after work – plus they provide friendly service and affordable prices! To help make sure that your time in their lounge is maximized by offering recommendations or advice.

It’s a bar with a Cubano

Jungle Bird is an unparalleled cocktail destination and Cubano bar all-in-one. Decorated to evoke an easygoing tropical getaway, Jungle Bird boasts Caribbean beach resort vibes combined with Peranakan rattan chic elements. The venue includes a spacious bamboo-faced bar as well as large lounge area featuring leather banquettes and rattan furniture, featuring an incredible cocktail selection that spans from rum-centric options to regional Caribbean flavors.

No one knows exactly who created the Aviary Bar drink in Malaysia in the 1970s at KL Hilton hotel by an influential Malay beverage manager, though likely one could trace its birth back to Muhammad Ali who frequented KL Hilton hotel at that time. Once launched on their menus it quickly became popular enough that its presence spread throughout its other bars as well.

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The bar offers an impressive variety of rum cocktails, including some tiki drinks. Their staff are knowledgeable about these libations and will happily answer any inquiries from guests regarding them. In addition, they’re happy to recommend dishes and beverages that pair perfectly with them!

The menu at this bar combines influences from Malaysia and Trinidadia. Enjoy dishes such as the Kunyit fried chicken, which features perfectly spicy flavors for sharing. Served with spicy red sambal asam merah sauce, it makes an irresistibly delicious pairing for any drink! Also on offer are popular street food dishes like Perkedel Kentang (Malaysian potato dumplings), Bakwan Jagung (corn fritters) and Trinidadian-style Trini Chadon Beni Spicy Slaw!

It’s a bar with a pool

Jungle Bird was originally created in 1978. This tropical cocktail features dark rum, pineapple juice, lime juice and Campari for an outstanding mix. With both bitter and fruity tastes as well as its distinctive mouthfeel that sets it apart from other drinks, this tropical cocktail first made an appearance in “The New American Bartender’s Guide” by John J. Poister in 1989 – its original recipe included Cruzan Black Strap rum pineapple juice lime juice simple syrup and Campari as ingredients.

Campari adds an unexpected bitterness that adds complexity and balances out the sweetness of other ingredients, while helping balance out acidity of citrus juices. A jungle bird cocktail can easily be made by mixing dark rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, Campari and simple syrup in a shaker with ice. Shake well then strain into a glass topped off with a lime wedge as garnish before enjoying!

Jungle Bird is a tropically inspired cocktail bar located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Offering cocktails, tiki-inspired food and beers and wines – classic cocktails to nostalgic tiki drinks as well as irreverent localised concoctions are on offer here. Housed within an old warehouse space in Bukit Damansara with leather banquettes and bamboo furniture; Jungle Bird provides an idyllic environment in which to unwind!

No matter the occasion – be it an evening with friends or an unforgettable cocktail experience – The Jungle Bird will not disappoint. Boasting complex flavors and tropical vibes that transport you directly into tropical paradise wherever you may be located, it provides the ideal setting for unwinding after a long day – enjoy some rum!

It’s a bar with a DJ

This bar serves cocktails with local flavors. Their non-alcoholic Jungle Bird cocktail offers an exquisite balance between sweet, bitter, and tropical notes, thanks to a special combination of Ritual Rum Alternative and non-alcoholic aperitif – as well as adding simple syrup for sweetness that helps balance its other ingredients.

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Since it first gained popularity at the Aviary Bar of the former Kuala Lumpur Hilton hotel in Malaysia during the 1970s, this drink has found widespread acceptance throughout both Tiki bar menus and cocktail bars worldwide.

The bar itself is styled like an island oasis, complete with hanging greenery and bamboo decor. Here you can relax on rattan furniture while listening to palm trees rustle in the breeze; making this chic tiki bar the perfect place to unwind with friends while sampling island-inspired beverages.

Jungle Bird KL features not only its signature tiki drinks but also a selection of fresh fruit smoothies and juices as well as wines, spirits and beer to give its patrons an enjoyable drink-and-food experience. Plus it stays open late – ideal for after work fun!

Tickets, which has an old movie theatre theme, is another well-loved tiki bar in the city. Offering both classic Tiki cocktails as well as original creations infused with Malaysian influences, this bar makes an excellent place for intimate conversations while sipping drinks.

It’s a bar with a karaoke

Named for Malaysia’s national cocktail, Jungle Bird, this bar is an unabashed rum-lover’s paradise. Conceived as a tropical resort-esque environment with palm-print wallpaper and Peranakan rattan furniture reminiscent of Peranakan culture, this venue provides both lounge space and banquette seating to make enjoying cocktails easy and pleasurable. Plus there’s even an on-site karaoke machine capable of hosting up to 50 people at any one time!

Beverage selection at Rum Club reflects its devotion, with most beverages featuring this spirit-rich spirit, such as classic cocktails, nostalgic tiki drinks and inventive localised concoctions. Furthermore, this menu also provides non-alcoholic options and beer, wines and ciders for drinking pleasure.

Jungle Bird uses dark rum and fresh lime juice – classic ingredients of any tiki drink – as well as Campari for added herbal bitterness, making for a drink that is refreshing yet not overwhelmingly sweet like many fruit-and-rum combos found elsewhere in tiki-inspired cocktails. In addition, demerara syrup, an equal mix of raw sugar and water used to give depth and complexity to such cocktails is included as well.

At this bar, they feature an impressive collection of rums from all around the world and serve them in modern cocktails with sleek presentations. Their signature drinks include the Brazilian Quentao (cachaca with cider reduction, ginger, citrus juice and citrus peel) and local Cendol Colada which features Diplomatico Planas and Veritas rums mixed with pandan leaves, coconut cream and pineapple for maximum pineapple goodness!

Jungle Bird is an exciting addition to KL’s cocktail scene. With its tropical, Caribbean beach resort design setting it apart from hotel bars like Bar Trigona and Coley and its emphasis on rum, Jungle Bird provides a refreshing change from what has become the standard formula.