Go birdwatching with Zoom on Pipeline Road in Panama

birding by zoom

At the beginning of August, our friends from Panama Day Trips, based in Panama City, offered us Bird watching readers a free virtual birding experience: attendees were able to watch via Zoom for a few hours as tour guide Jerin Tate and fellow guides birdwatched along the famous Panama Pipeline route in the park Soberanía National Park, one of the best places to find birds in Central America.

The event was hugely popular, and Tate and her colleagues continued to deliver the experience in the weeks that followed.

“Since we started our first virtual tour with your readers, we have now reached the point where we regularly see up to 40 different species of birds each day as we go out and add new species to our virtual list daily,” he said. “We have a die-hard group of your readers who have joined us almost every day since then to watch our virtual tour (about two or three days a week).”

Now they offer Bird watching readers a month of virtual birding experiences for free. From Thursday, September 24, virtual tours will be offered every day for a week except Sunday. After that, they will take place two or three days a week for the following month. All are free to join; donations are accepted at the end of each session. Readers can sign up for as many tours as they want.

The sessions are really fun and informative. If you have time, check it out! Click here to view the program and register.

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