Fremantle’s Newest Bar – Jungle Bird

Jungle Bird brings laid back Caribbean vibes to Fremantle’s West End High Street strip, serving classic rum cocktails, Jamaican rice and peas dishes and salt fish fritters.

Rum lovers’ delight!


Jungle Bird offers plenty of activities and events to occupy visitors, and among the finest of these are Fremantle Markets – famous since 1897, once Covid stopped them stalls reviving, but in July they came back alive again offering visitors delicious European-style doughnuts from Levi’s as well as delicious Indonesian cuisine from Fluffy Lamb!

While browsing the market, you’ll also discover unique artisan wares to take home with you. Boutique stores such as Mother’s Vintage Magic Emporium or Kate + Abel’s Eco Store feature everything from handmade soap to reusable grocery bags for purchase.

Speakeasy L’Chaim is another hidden gem located inside The Old Synagogue’s restored heritage precinct, offering classic cocktails categorized by bitter, sour and refreshing drinks. Plush velvet booths, vintage decor and delicate crystal chandeliers add to its allure and atmosphere.

Fremantle offers plenty of pubs for relaxing over a pint, from Strange Company (a jungle-inspired tribute to the world’s oldest natural spirit) and Mrs Brown’s Bar to rustic Whisper Wine Bar and unorthodox Mr Chapple (an unorthodox cocktail bar with jungle birds as decoration) – or you could try sipping natural wine or sip from one of the refined small bars opened due to changes in liquor law regulations.

The Black Truffle

Black Truffles are an exquisite delicacy. A mushroom with unparalleled flavor, their flesh adds an exquisite aroma and taste to dishes, and are frequently found as ingredients in truffle oil products; however, it should be remembered that truffle oil does not come directly from real truffles and should never be substituted in their place.

The Black Winter Truffle (Tuber melanosporum) is an exquisite truffle species prized by chefs worldwide for its intense and complex aromas that range from nutty to chocolatey. Part of the Tuber genus that also includes other varieties like white truffle and Burgundy truffle, these mushrooms are harvested underground in forests throughout Southern Europe; often found under roots of downy oak, hazel and hornbeam trees.

These truffles are best suited to quick cooking times, so they are often shaved into warm dishes to create culinary masterpieces. Use it on salads, soups, pasta and scrambled eggs; infuse oils or sauces with truffle flavoring too.

Truffles have also been found to provide significant health benefits. Studies have shown that truffles may assist with various medical conditions; for instance, improving blood circulation and lowering cholesterol levels as well as providing reduced stress levels and better sleep are just two such benefits.

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Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island boasts a rich cultural heritage, white sand beaches and distinctive flora and fauna that makes for an idyllic island experience. Just 19km (12mi) off mainland Australia, Rottnest is also home to one of Australia’s most beloved marsupials – quokkas are easily distinguishable with their round bodies and short coarse brown-grey fur that makes them stand out amongst their wallaby cousins – not shy at all and often walk right up to visitors – making them star attractions on Instagram selfies!

Rottnest Island is an idyllic destination, known for its stunning natural landscape and abundance of bird species such as pied cormorant and osprey that nest on it, along with red-necked avocet, banded stilt, curlew sandpiper, rock parrot and Australian shelduck. Additionally, salt lakes contain brine shrimp which attract waterfowl and shorebirds alike.

Rottnest Island enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild wet winters. To experience Rottnest at its finest, visit during autumn when the weather is ideal for swimming and diving – however, accommodation during this period often fills up months in advance, so plan to book well ahead.

Little Creatures Brewery

Little Creatures was established in Fremantle (in a huge shed and former crocodile farm) in 2000 and quickly established itself as one of Australia’s iconic beer brands. Their signature hop driven American-style Pale Ale proved an epiphany for drinkers and brewers alike and set a high benchmark against which other beers are judged. Their success led to them being taken over by Kirin Beer’s Lion Group and eventually seeking international expansion – their first bar being located in Hong Kong while another opened at Found 158 Shanghai.

This large brewery offers an impressive menu to meet everyone’s needs, making it a favorite spot among families with children as there’s even a children’s playroom and sandpit available to the little ones! Additionally, daily brewery tours and live entertainment await your visit here as well.

Krones provided two levels of seating with the brewery on one level visible from the dining area. They supplied the brewhouse, nine cylindrical fermentation tanks and all associated pipework as well as the yeast propagator and CIP system to support their work.

Little Creatures beers are available on tap at Little Creatures Brewhouse. Their Bright Ale makes an excellent summer beer with floral hop aromas and fruit notes on the palate – it pairs well with all sorts of food! Their pizzas are equally impressive while the sticky date pudding dessert alone warrants a visit!

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Running with Thieves Brewery

Running with Thieves Brewery in South Fremantle is a favorite destination for foodies and craft beer fans alike. Boasting an inviting and beautiful ambience, the brewery provides the ideal spot to unwind and celebrate life’s joyous occasions with friends. Their menu offers Asian-influenced fare that will surely satisfy while there’s also an impressive selection of craft beers and cocktails available; prices may be slightly above average but quality outweighs price!

Fremantle’s Jungle Bird Bar, a Caribbean inspired beach bar offering afternoon drinks and classic rum cocktails. Cosy in winter but breezy in summer; featuring menu offerings of jerk chicken, Jamaican rice and peas and salt fish fritters as well as its large bar which boasts boutique rums, whiskeys and dark spirits from its large selection.

Western Australia’s largest operational independent brewery and distillery. Situated by the harbour, its location lends it a distinct industrial aesthetic with a touch of flair; here rums and other spirits are blended with local ingredients for delicious flavour profiles.

The Humble Pantry Cafe in Fremantle is a social enterprise and equal opportunity cafe that focuses on supporting its community while providing employment and training to people with disabilities. They serve exceptional coffee, while their friendly staff makes an extra-friendly atmosphere in this cosy spot that also features a tranquil courtyard to escape city noise.

The Art Centre Cafe

Camden Arts Centre Cafe: An Abode of Peace on Finchley Road! A true oasis, offering delicious yet healthy food at reasonable prices with friendly service that includes wine service. Additionally, they have an outdoor area perfect for enjoying some sunshine while taking advantage of being an inclusive social enterprise that employs people with disabilities – making this an excellent alternative to Fremantle restaurants!

If you are visiting Fremantle, be sure to book a tour to experience its top bars, markets, and sights. Guided by an expert local guide, these tours offer small group experiences while costing less than an evening out in the city.

Fremantle offers many attractions for visitors, one being Jungle Bird Fremantle: a new bar and cafe located in its west end district. Known for their Caribbean cuisine – including jerk chicken, Jamaican rice and salt fish fritters – as well as their selection of boutique rums, whiskeys, craft beers and wines, as well as their range of cocktails such as Lychee Love (made up of vodka, Lychee Liqueur and Cranberry), make them worth checking out when visiting Fremantle.