The Best Places to See in Fremantle, Perth and Perth, Western Australia

Jungle Bird is a tropical-inspired tribute to one of the oldest natural spirits. Joshua Ivanovic, Lolita Goh and Divyesh Chauhan have recreated much of its original ambience at their new digs; with classic cocktails like Planes Trains Automobiles on offer along with innovative offerings like Rummin’ Round the World which recognizes all nations producing rum….

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How to Capture a Forest Bird Eye View

Bird‘s-eye views provide an aerial perspective of a subject. They may be captured using various means – hot air balloon, aeroplane, helicopter, tall buildings or drone – providing aerial photographs. Forest Bird Eye View provides an enchanting journey over the tropical rainforest of northern Queensland, allowing you to search the trees for creatures found within…

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Nocturnal Forest Birds

Birds that hunt or migrate at night require special adaptations in order to survive. Torpor, which involves lowering core body temperatures in order to save energy, and having camouflaging or freezing up plumage may all aid their efforts and allow them to remain unseen by predators. Even with its dull coloration, the mockingbird is a…

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Forest Bird Sounds

Bird sounds can provide valuable clues to their identification, though it’s important to keep in mind that calls often consist of repeated noises with slight pitch variations – it takes practice to become an expert bird sound expert! Ludwik Tomialojc, Tomasz Wesolowski and Wieslaw Walankiewicz began extensive bird research in Bialowieza Forest in 1975; all…

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A Beginner's Guide to Seabird Photography: Tips and Tricks

A Beginner’s Guide to Seabird Photography: Tips and Tricks

Looking to capture stunning photographs of seabirds? Our beginner’s guide provides tips and tricks for achieving professional results. Learn the best equipment, settings, and techniques for capturing these majestic birds in their natural habitat. Introduction Seabird photography can be a challenging yet rewarding pursuit for photographers of all skill levels. From capturing the majestic flight…

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Flying High for Birds

Flying High for Birds: Top Advocacy Techniques for Effective Conservation

Discover the best techniques for effective conservation of birds with this comprehensive guide. Learn how to become an advocate for bird conservation and make a difference in protecting our feathered friends. Introduction Birds are one of the most fascinating creatures on our planet, with their beautiful colors, unique songs, and incredible migratory patterns. However, due…

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