Buddy Holly was an icon of rock and roll music who left an extensive legacy behind him that continues to inspire generations today. His songs continue to shape culture around the globe.

True Love Ways is an emotive song that explores what true love really means, depicting an emotion-rich relationship that goes beyond material possessions and social expectations.

The Story

Buddy Holly lived only for 30 years but left an indelible legacy. He recorded some of the most celebrated Rock ‘n’ Roll tunes ever composed.

“True Love Ways” is a poignant song about love that endures no matter the circumstances and was written for Maria Elena Santiago – his first wife whom they only were together for a brief period before parting ways.

This song was recorded four months before his death in October 1958 at an album session which also included “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” and “Raining in My Heart”. It first saw release in March 1960 on The Buddy Holly Story Vol 2 posthumous album.

Holly wrote some of the most iconic songs in music history during his short life. His music has had an enormous influence over generations of listeners. Many artists have covered his songs throughout time – one notable cover was by Mickey Gilley in 1980 who took it all the way up to number one on both country charts and pop charts simultaneously!

“True Love Ways” may sound dated today, but its lyrics speak of an everlasting and selfless love that will always be remembered fondly.

This album’s orchestral arrangements bring Buddy Holly’s timeless songs back to life, adding an exciting and refreshing modern flair. Strings add depth and richness that was missing from original recordings; making this record truly extraordinary; it serves as a remarkable ode to one of history’s great musicians!

Buddy Holly fans must own this album. The songs on it are timeless, appealing to listeners of all ages. Additionally, its creative arrangements will please classic rock fans while its stellar cast of musicians and singers bring life and vibrancy to each song on this record. A perfect way to commemorate his legacy.

The Music

True Love Ways is a melodic ballad that speaks of deep and enduring affection, still captivating listeners over 60 years after its initial release. With its beautiful melody and emotive lyrics, this timeless classic remains part of Buddy Holly’s legacy and will forever remain beloved to listeners today.

This song was co-written by Buddy Holly and Norman Petty, his first producer and owner of the studio where Holly recorded early hits. Recorded in October 1958 and posthumously released on The Buddy Holly Story album.

Holly is known for writing emotional and heartfelt love songs, showcasing both his remarkable lyricism as a writer, as well as singing talent. The Picks vocal group perfectly harmonized emotional lyrics for depth on this track. Additionally, Boomie Richman provided dreamy saxophone accompaniment making this version truly unforgettable.

Even though Holly died tragically at 22 in a plane crash, he left an incredible legacy of music that has touched generations and continues to influence musicians today. His songs have become iconic worldwide and will never be forgotten – truly an artist and innovator that won’t ever be forgotten.

Notably, Holly has included the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on many of her recordings – an interesting choice, yet its results may not always prove fruitful: sometimes their presence can distract from the beauty of each track while at other times adding additional emotion that adds even greater poignancy to each song.

True Love Ways was not particularly well received by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s additions, perhaps due to being recorded originally by The Crickets – an eccentric band with no set string arrangements – who recorded an idiosyncratic version. Dick Jacobs’ string arrangements did not fit with their instruments well.

Although Holly’s timeless music may not hold up against other versions, this rendition still remains a great way to enjoy her timeless tunes. This stunning melody continues to bring joy and peace across borders; an incredible testimony to true love’s transformative powers in our lives.

The Lyrics

“True Love Ways” is an exquisite ode to Buddy Holly and Maria Elena Santiago’s longstanding romance, one that endures decades after Holly has passed on. The lyrics reveal an intense bond that transcends material possessions, society expectations and external pressures; one only two people can understand.

Holly composed and recorded “Just When I Needed Somebody” in October 1958 with Norman Petty shortly before his plane crash and subsequent posthumous release of it as an EP single. Since its initial release posthumously in early 1959, it has remained one of Holly’s most well-known hits and continues to influence generations of musicians and songwriters worldwide.

Buddy was 22-year-old rock ‘n’ roll star during the recording session for “True Love Ways,” having already recorded several popular tracks with The Crickets including “That’ll Be The Day” and “Peggy Sue.” Unfortunately, these recordings would become his last before his untimely demise in a plane crash known as “The Day the Music Died.”

Buddy Holly may only have been with us for a short period, yet his legacy stands the test of time. As one of the original Rock ‘N’ Roll pioneers he left an impactful legacy that continues today and helped launch many future musical stars’ careers.

Holly’s orchestral arrangement of “True Love Ways” is both comforting and exciting, keeping true to Holly’s original rock ‘n’ roll sound while remaining true to Holly’s lyrics that celebrate love between individuals. It makes an excellent accompaniment for Holly’s joyful lyrics which celebrate lifelong companionship between two special people.

This classic song’s arrangement showcases violin, cello, viola and double bass strings playing together for an expansive sound that beautifully complements its timeless melody. A must-listen addition for any romantic movie or TV series!

The Arrangements

True Love Ways’ orchestral arrangements enhance and preserve Holly’s original music rather than replacing it. Their new string arrangements on classic Holly songs such as “That’ll Be the Day”, “Oh Boy”, and “Peggy Sue” give them an expansive, warm sound without becoming overpowering or chaotic.

Acoustic recordings are perhaps the most captivating aspect of this album; Holly’s vocals are crystal clear and expressiveness is undiminished by strings’ addition. Additionally, orchestral arrangements add depth and texture that makes these classic songs feel more authentic than most modern rock releases.

“True Love Ways” is an exquisite ballad that beautifully conveys the meaning of genuine love. With emotive lyrics and an unforgettable melody, its emotional impact has resonated deeply across generations of listeners. The song captures the essence of genuine affection that transcends material possessions or social expectations; love that endures even in difficult circumstances and overcomes every hurdle to remain strong and faithful.

Holly left behind an amazing legacy after his untimely death; musicians and music enthusiasts around the globe still find inspiration from him today. A pioneer of rock and roll, his influence had an enormous effect on popular culture; his contributions helped set in place standard rock band configurations of two guitars, bass guitar, and drums; it is widely believed he would not have existed had not for him being involved with The Beatles and helping establish standard band configurations containing such musicians; also an incredible influence upon them and it is widely considered that without him they may never would have existed at all!

Buddy Holly – True Love Ways 1958 is an outstanding collection of his greatest hits, featuring orchestral arrangements to highlight his unique voice and melodic melodies. Available on CD or 2LP vinyl.

This album includes Buddy Holly’s best-loved songs such as “Peggy Sue” and “That’ll Be the Day”, all beautifully arranged by Grammy award-winning arranger Dick Jacobs of Royal Philharmonic Orchestra fame. Fans of Holly should own this essential recording!

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