2021 BirdWatching Photography Awards Second Place: Fewer Terns

Least Tern

Tina McManus’ July 2018 visit to Crane Beach, a 1,234-acre conservation area in Ipswich, Massachusetts, produced the second photo for the 2021 BirdWatching Photography Awards: this portrait of a lesser tern and her hungry chick.

“Least Terns are one of my favorite birds, and when they start hatching their chicks, I’m always on the lookout for a photo opportunity,” she said. “Once the chicks hatch, there are only a day or two before the adults bring them back into the vegetation. You should be very calm and still around terns, as they are very protective of their young and will become restless if you are not. I crouched outside the marked area near a nest with chicks and waited. After about an hour one of the adults brought in a fish and I was able to get this picture.

McManus used a Canon 7D Mark II camera with a 500mm f4 lens and a 1.4x teleconverter. They were attached to a Skimmer Ground Pod, which supports camera equipment to enable photography of birds and wildlife at ground level.

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