2021 Backyard and City Bird Photo Contest Honorable Mentions

2021 Backyard and City Bird Photo Contest Honorable Mentions

Last fall, we called for entries for our first-ever Backyard and City Bird Photo Contest, here on our website. Bird photographers captured more than 600 images taken in yards, parks and other urban and suburban locations. Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest!

Below is a slideshow of our 12 honorable mention images. Images include shots of courting cardinals, hummingbirds, wrens, a nest-building midgecatcher, and more. Each caption tells the story behind the photo, from the photographers themselves. Enjoy!

We will announce the winners on Friday, April 29.

Cooper’s Hawk

Cooper's Hawk

Photo by Andrew C. Strom

After a frustrating day, I came home to find this young Cooper’s Hawk perched on the fence in the garden. I rushed to grab my camera, came back and opened the back slider as slowly and quietly as possible. With this one open just enough to get my lens out the door, I proceeded with an hour-long photoshoot with this beautiful bird as it dashed back and forth through the back fence and repeatedly jumped around the yard looking for mice living in the bushes. His hunt ultimately ended unsuccessfully, but the experience took away my day and left me with the photos and memories of an incredible experience I shared with this beautiful bird.

Reno, Nevada, November 2021

Want to see more? Here are our 12 finalists.

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